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This one's for the Christmas babies

What it's really like to be born on Christmas Day

South Florida, Christmas Eve, 1991. My parents were out at a holiday party and my very pregnant mother was eating h’orderves and dancing to the Jingle Bell Rock — that is, until I decided I wanted to join the party. As the story goes, sometime after midnight, mom started feeling contractions and realized this baby (me) was ready to come out. Anxious and excited, my dad rushed her to the hospital and a few hours later she gave birth to her first child (me!) on Christmas Day, December 25, 1991.

Dec. 25, 1991 - me and my parents at the hospital

There are some really nice things about being an Xmas baby. My mom always calls me her “Christmas doll,” which I think is really cute. And when I need to show my ID to someone, there’s always the possibility that they'll cheerfully exclaim, “Wow, you’re a Christmas baby! What a special day to be born.” A few folks have even referred to me as an “angel” — and who am I to tell them otherwise?

But there are also the people that ask, "Doesn't being born on Christmas suck?" or "Don't you only get one present?” or “Isn't everything closed on your birthday?" (the answer to that last one is: yes)

Dec. 25, 1991 - me and my uncle at the hospital

I must admit, though, that my favorite part about telling people I was born on Christmas is telling them that I’m Jewish right afterwards. That’s right, I’m a Jew born on Christmas, although I’m not the first (see: Jesus Christ).

Regardless of if they’re skeptical or excited, every year I get asked what it’s really like to be born on December 25. Therefore, this year I’ve decided to finally break it down in this blog post that I’m dedicating to all the other Yuletide babies out there!

Here's what I love (and hate) about being born on Christmas Day.

1. It feels like everyone is celebrating my birthday

But, of course, they’re not. I just can’t help feeling that way, though! The lights, the cheer, the decorations, the gifts — a month long celebration all leading up to December 25.

Has this given me some sort of psychological complex? Perhaps, but who doesn’t have one after this year?

2. Everything is closed

Because everyone is celebrating Christmas! Unless you’re going to a Christmas party, people born on Dec. 24 and 25 are usually out of luck. Most of the restaurants and bars are closed, and in my experience, no one really wants to go out anyway. The good news is that most people are on holiday break, so there’s plenty of time to go out and celebrate on any day that isn’t my actual birthday.

How do I usually celebrate? Given that my family is Jewish, we practice our people’s longtime Christmas tradition of going to the movies and ordering takeout; plus, opening presents since it is my birthday after all.

3. I never have to work on my birthday

This one isn’t necessarily true for all Xmas birthdays (especially if you’re in the hospitality industry), but I personally have always had off on Christmas Day. It’s definitely a major perk!

4. I have to buy gifts for people on my birthday

I love giving gifts and watching people’s faces light up as they open them, but there is something a bit irritating about needing to buy other people gifts on your own birthday. I’ll admit, as a kid it would fill me with rage to watch my little sister open gifts on my “big day” (yes, even though we’re Jewish, Santa still delivered presents to both of us). As I’ve gotten older, though, I’ve learned to accept this part of being a Christmas baby. It also definitely taught me how to share.

5. Only getting one present

This one really depends on who is doing the gift giving, but some people will get you one gift for your birthday and Christmas and call it a day. I will note, though, that this one isn’t unique to Xmas babies. Most December birthdays suffer this fate.

me and Santa

6. Giving back

One thing I personally love about being a Christmas baby is that there are so many ways to give back to those in need during the holiday season. I like to donate to a charity or organization every year around my birthday/Christmas. If you're looking for an organization to donate to this year (or any time), I recommend Voices for Children of Broward County!

Merry Birthmas!

So, there you have it, what it's really like to be born on Christmas Day. To all my fellow Christmas birthdays out there, I want to say "Merry Birthmas!" And to everyone else, hope you have a fabulous holiday season and a happy new year!

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