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If 2020 had no pandemic

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

2020, a new year was here!

Filled with hope and wonder, a new decade appeared.

Would it be roaring? Would it be fun? It would certainly be an unforgettable one!

After hangovers of decades’ past, January came in with a long cold blast.

The month dragged on—was it 31 days? The longest one yet, we were left in a haze.

Hunkering down through the blizzard-struck month, we made plans for the future, we made plans for brunch.

With snow on the ground and love in the air, February was here for lovers to share

Gifts of affection on Valentine’s Day, as they gathered in restaurants and in cafes.

And amidst the twilight their lips did freeze as they met betwixt the romantic cold breeze.

When March came in, before the Spring, nothing extraordinary happened,

No—not one thing.

We continued to work and continued to play,

And drank with high-spirits on St. Patty's day.

April was beautiful, the snow melted away,

The flowers sprang up and began a new day.

In NYC folks walked through Central Park, and SF's Golden Gate was busy 'til dark.

May was a dream and the weather was perfect.

And, despite global warming, we felt we deserved it.

We all hugged our moms on a bright Mother’s Day, and told them, "I love you," in every which way.

June, July, August—the summer was hot, but we took our vacations and traveled a lot.

We traveled to Paris, we traveled to Rome,

We went to Thailand and didn’t want to come home.

But then, it was September and school was in session,

Children and students in classrooms and lessons,

Teachers and apples and orchards and fall,

And cool autumn nights with too many last calls.

October was spooky, a full moon Hallow's Eve,

And kids roamed the streets with masks on, indeed!

Masks from Chucky and masks from Scream,

And Rocky Horror in theaters, our midnight's creed.

November was a time when we all gave thanks, for family and friends, for food on our plates,

We sat at the table and had different opinions,

But we all were together over turkey's dominion.

And December 31, with cocktails mixed, we gathered and celebrated and fondly reminisced

The year with a party, a gathering of friends, to drink and be merry as the year ends.

And at the stroke of midnight a New Year’s kiss, to ring in 2021 with some New Year’s bliss.

This fictional account of 2020 was fun, but days like these are far from done.

There will be more times and more fun to have,

There will be more brunch and there will be more bad,

There will be more good and there will be more together.

After the storm comes the good weather.

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